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Artist Bio

Sinéad McInerney Metal Sculptor

Sinéad McInerney is an Irish artist based in County Down. Growing up, she loved art and was introduced to ceramics by her secondary school teacher which piqued her interest in 3-Dimensional work. However, during her pursuit of a BA at the National College of Art and Design, a class on metalwork changed her trajectory of passion from clay to metal sculpting. Her work was further influenced by her visit to the hangars at Dublin Airport during her final year of college where the craftsmanship of the aeroplanes and the fragility and vulnerability of its parts inspired her to capture these elements in her work.


Sinéad is driven by nature, inspiring her to imbibe organic elements into her works, further showcasing an avant-garde yet striking relationship between the mechanical aspects of man-made objects and natural elements. She takes immense joy in experimenting with copper, brass and small amounts of silver. Also, she repurposes copper plaques that her late mother had worked on and incorporates them into her work, giving them new life. Inscriptions from these plaques are also subtly visible in her works which further emphasises Sinéad's deep personal connection to her work.

Sinéad works intuitively with metal and allows the medium to take the lead in determining the texture, details and form which leads to a surprising result. Using heat, hammers, and often happy accidents, she constructs her work into innovative sculptures. Additionally, the heating and patination methods also impart brilliant metallic hues that enhance the intricate carvings and details, giving the pieces an antique and rustic appearance.


Her sculptures aim to celebrate the technological advancements made by humanity and how they are an object of wonder for anyone belonging to a historic time period. Sinéad's sculptures stand out amidst a world where everyone is used to technology and may disregard them, evoking childlike wonder and appreciation for often forgotten human capabilities.

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